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    Chapter Four


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    Chapter Four

    Post  Dovahkiin on February 25th 2012, 1:42 am

    (This thread was made by NC, I'm just posting it for her)

    Well I hope everyone doesnt think Im insane after this but heres the thread.

    So maybe this thread isn't entirely serious. But I want you all to read my little note on top here before you even try to read anything else in it:

    Over the past, idk how many weeks, in real life, a lot of bad things have been happening. And I have been working my behind off, on that freaking book. Things, that if I told you have happened to me, you would never ever believe. I'll tell you some minor ones... My friend whos been in the hospital for who knows how long for suicide watch, tried to kill me and herself right in front of me, I found out one of my friends has been sexual abused through their childhood, my mother got sick and not just sick, my mom has a disease called idk how to spell it antiphospholipid idk, and she gets seizures. My dad is at risk of losing his job. AND THERE IS AN ISSUE... IN MY LIFE THAT NON OF YOU. NOT A SINGLE FREAKING ONE OF YOU CAN BELIEVE. AND IF I TOLD YOU, YOU WOULD THINK IM INSANE. I would tell you but you guys would never ever believe me, right now... at this moment my arm is bleeding from that secret, and I have a cut running along side my face that pins down through my shoulder to my finger tip that I did not inflict on myself, and it wasnt my father or mother who gave it to me. TB, FH and SG all know the big "secret" and I assure you, it kills me every day. Now I'm not depressed, at all, because I'm strong enough not to be. AND ALL THIS TIME YOU GUYS ARE FREAKING ASKING ME WHEN IM GOING TO FINISH A BOOK!

    Because of that, I've cried. I cry everyday because I go to the forum to talk with other friends besides ones I have in real life. And by you guys thinking im just hanging out here doing nothing, you made me cry. And I come online everyday happy, trying to make you guys happy and have fun. Not thinking about the bad things that have happened but you guys hurt me just because you think I was lazy about it. I assure you, I am not lazy.

    But since my chapters are still not finished yet... I worked everyday for the past week or so to at least give you this... because CW wanted it so bad. So here is the official character breakdown of the PHF book. I hope you enjoy it.

    Now I'm going to say this once, and never say it again: YOUR CHARACTER's LOOK NOTHING LIKE YOU. AND THEY MIGHT EVEN ACT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT FROM THE WAY YOU ACT NOW.You know why I did it that way? Because I can

    Here is an example:
    DERPFACE: Average height, average skin, average eyes, average hair, special ability (gift mentioned in chapter three)

    Skin gradient: Pale -> Fair -> Olive -> Tan -> Brown -> Dark
    Eye Color: Blue, Green, Gold, Grey, Silver, Brown, Golden-Brown, Black-Brown, Black, Hazel (and every once in a while you'll see pile insane colors like red or purple for the lulz)


    NeatCrush: Tall, tan skin, brown/black eyes, long black hair, color changing/mood hair highlights, freshman.
    Markaroli/SG: Tall, pale skin, medium length brown hair, blue eyes, extreme athletic ability, sophomore.
    TrustyBubbles: Short, fair skin, long medium brown hair, green eyes, communicate with animals, freshman.
    FearlessHero: Tall, olive skin, longish amber brown hair, golden-brown eyes, sense, freshman.
    DizzyPenguin: Short, fair skin, shortish blonde hair, blue eyes, green-pink swirl mark on stomach, pre-freshman.
    CoolWing/Coco/Idkbrolol: Tall, pale skin, red hair, green eyes, extreme musical talent, sophomore.
    Motion, Tall, dark skin, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair, technological ability
    Obiwan: Short, pale skin, black hair, blue eyes, Limited opposite gender shape shifting, sophomore.
    GS: Short, olive skin, blonde hair, blue eyes, implanted shine molecules (see chapter 2 reference when FH says the roots or her hair were sparkly) sophomore.
    MT: Average, brown skin, brown eyes, extreme seduction ability (long story) freshman.
    Sanz: Average, fair skin, black eyes, ability of extreme sense (SO OBI AND CW THOUGHT IT WOULD BE COOL IF SANZ COULD SENSE WHEN PEOPLE ARE MAKING OUT AND HOOKING UP. I was not a part of that. at all.) pre-freshman.
    CG: Average, olive skin, red/strawberry/orangish, ginger hair, hazel eyes, mood changing eyes, sophomore.
    MF: Short, brown skin, black hair, brown eyes, animal connection-butterfly, junior
    Motion: Tall, dark skin, short black hair, brown eyes, extreme technological ability, junior.
    CF: Average, pale skin, short brown, green eyes, personality change, senior.
    MD: Very Short, fair skin, longish dirty blonde hair, golden brown eyes, mild mind control, senior.
    HappyFang: Short, pale skin, black hair, black eyes, colored markings along arms
    Seph: Soviet Russia.
    Nicemoon: Tall, pale skin, medium blonde hair, red eyes, fire connection, senior.
    DB: Tall, fair skin, red hair, blue eyes, extreme reflexes, sophomore.
    PT: Tall, pale skin, bright blonde hair, greenish blue eyes, junior
    Codien: Average, olive skin, hazel eyes, earth connection, senior
    Hijuyo: Tall, fair skin, striped black and blue hair, silver eyes, healing, senior
    IkeWB: Short, brown skin, black hair, red eyes, technological ability, sophomore
    IncredibleFish: Short, olive skin, black hair, red eyes, artism, junior
    TrustyHawk: Average, tan skin, wavy brown hair, green eyes, sky connection, junior
    SneakyC: Average, tan skin, brown hair, black eyes, technology ability,
    Smockers: Tall, pale skin, black hair, black eyes, leadism, senior
    Alebettina: Short, pale pale pale pale (VERY IMPORTANT TAKE NOTE) skin, white eyes, white hair, artism, senior
    Tomzilla: Tall, pale skin, blonde hair, yellow eyes, sky connection
    Bobinator: Tall, fair skin, brown scruffy hair, golden eyes, shapeshifter
    SpottedPanda: Short, dark skin, green eyes, black hair, communicate with animals, senior
    PopularStorm: Average, olive skin, light brown eyes, gold speckler, sophomore
    Incrdiblelobster: Average, brown skin, white eyes, morphy, pre-freshman
    QuickFlame: Average, dark skin, red hair, blue eyes, morphy, pre-freshman
    SeriousFox: Average, pale, red hair, red eyes, artism, pre-freshman
    Bloo: Tall, pale, short black hair with purple highlights, purple eyes, artisim, junior
    NeatWhale: Tall, fair skin, curly brown hair, grey eyes, nature connection
    Icy: Average, pale skin, icey blue hair, silver eyes, water and ice connection
    HyperStar: Average, olive skin, short brown hair with pink and yellow highlights, bright electric brown eyes with hints of pink, color shifting, sophomore
    SqueezyMonster: Short,tan skin, brown afro, green eyes, technological ability, sophomore
    Lucid: Average, pale skin, brown hair, brown eyes,
    EP: Tall, pale skin, oak brown hair, soft hazel eyes, shapeshifter, freshman
    Bunbun: Average, tan skin, brown hair, , brown-black eyes, dance, freshman
    Kitty: Short, olive skin, chesnut brown hair, golden brown eyes, mild psychic, pre-freshman
    Prep/Alpha/Alt: Short, fair skin, sandy hair, sandy eyes, morphy, pre-freshman
    Master: Short, olive skin, brown scruffy hair, blue eyes, technological ability, pre freshman
    Ewill: Short, pale skin, blonde, green eyes, photo-mind, pre-freshman
    Tii: Short, dark skin, brown hair, brown eyes, shapeshifter, pre-freshman

    The official.... Idk I guess.... Top Good Looking Members (not because I favor any of you in anyway or whatever because it plays a very very very very very very important part as the storyline goes on? Okay? now don't complain)

    1. PT (why you may ask? cause number one he's a jerk. And you know that whole the jerk gotta be hot thing yeah.)
    2. MT (MT acts like a pimp and he's pretty much gone all out for FH so...)
    3. Smockers (Well.. Idk I always pictured him good looking)
    4. SG (Cause when you think of SG you think of good looking xD)
    5. DB (He's a creep but then you like get a look at the creep)

    1. GE (Now I wanted GE to be like... the number one female of all time in the PHF. So she's prettiest too!)
    2. CW (I kinda based what CW looks like after a character in another book of mine, and she is like so so so so freaking hot)
    3. Icy (I always saw Icy as like a pretty decent and nice person, so she gets up here for her ability to make her self look even better through personality and she looks pretty
    4. Tied between TB NC and DP (Well there is a long long long story behind this, when I originally wrote the book I had TB me and DP as the three POVs of the girls and I did not want anyone prettier than the other. The end. But I also wanted me and SG to be tied on the list of epicness so thereforth, me TB and DP are up here. TToo bad Smile )
    5. Alebettina (I can't wait for the screams... well I put her up here cause you guys abused this poor girl. And I wanted to show that no matter how annoying you are, we all treated her badly because she was annoying, even past the fact she is suppose to be drop dead gorgeous.


    I Love You NC!

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    Re: Chapter Four

    Post  BunBun on February 25th 2012, 1:51 am

    NC im so so so sorry if i had anything to do with this :C idk if i did without noticing and i understand how it is when life is tuff.. trust me i know (i dont like to tell people tho) and if you ever need anyone to talk to bunbun is here c: and good job on the profiles Very Happy

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    Re: Chapter Four

    Post  Obiwan2324 on February 25th 2012, 2:48 am

    I'm sorry, NC. Really, I am.
    If you had just told us what was wrong, I would have stopped badgering you. Honest.

    I do love the character descriptions, though. Hehe.


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    Re: Chapter Four

    Post  Twi on February 25th 2012, 10:46 am

    NC, I'm so so sorry. D: No one should ever have to go through what you've been through. I hope it gets better, I really do. And I'll pray too.

    I wish there was more I could do to help, but like we said last night..there isn't anything more than I could do other than just be a good friend here. So if I ever say anything or act in a way that annoys you, just tell me so I can stop.

    As for the character descriptions, they were amazing. I can't imagine how hard those were to make. And everything about them is just so awesome. I like "Seph:Soviet Russia" xD Best. Description. Evar.


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    Re: Chapter Four

    Post  Pip on February 25th 2012, 1:37 pm

    You already got my little note towards the apologize factor, so now I'mma talk about how cool the characterization is.



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    Re: Chapter Four

    Post  WhispersSecret on February 25th 2012, 2:17 pm

    Ugh, I'm sorry, NC. I just...really feel horrible. Like it's all my fault. I won't bother you about it again. :/


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    Re: Chapter Four

    Post  cybergeek on February 26th 2012, 12:09 am

    aw that sucks, I'm really sorry NC! btw, love this chapter, its pretty dang cool, all those members that you can remember. Awesome Wink

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    Re: Chapter Four

    Post  DizzyPenguin on February 26th 2012, 4:09 pm

    ... I really don't know what to say... But you could have told us and we would have backed off. Sad Anyways, the descriptions are AMAZING what is my "special power" or whatever :O

    Be scared. Be very scared. <3

    And they don't even have the colors I want. D:<
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    Re: Chapter Four

    Post  zeKert on February 26th 2012, 4:51 pm

    Sorry NC if I had anything to do with it Sad but you should have told us earlier that you felt this way.

    Btw nice chapter! Razz

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    Re: Chapter Four

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