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    The TB (by me)

    Pierre Escargot

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    The TB (by me)

    Post  Pierre Escargot on February 24th 2012, 1:21 am

    "And the answer is?" the teacher asks. "Umm. Think, think," TB says to herself. "Ooh! I know! I KNOW!" says TB excitedly. "And what would that be, Ms. Bubbles?" asks the teacher. "A plus B equals C," TB says. "Correct! You've sure been listening, unlike some people," the teacher says. "Yep!" she says as she flashes a grin. *BRRRING* *BRRRING* The bell rings and everyone leaves school for the day. TB walks home, up the stairs, and to her pony-filled room. "Ah, today was a good day! I got all the questions right that the teacher asked, got to have carrots for lunch, and a new episode of MLP is on today!" she says to herself. *the MLP theme starts playing* "Ooh, TB shut up your favorite show is starting!" she says. TB grabs her stuffed Twilight Sparkle and starts watching MLP. "Sorry for this interruption to your normal television programming. This is an urgent news report," says the TV reporter. TB says angrily, "Aw! What the Buck?!"


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