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    The Meat Massacre.

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    The Meat Massacre. Empty The Meat Massacre.

    Post  zeKert on February 24th 2012, 3:05 am

    Just a stupid thingy. Laughing

    George: *Walks to get some meat*
    Eddie: Dude. Do you have any meat?
    George: Dude. Im going to get some meat.
    Eddie: Me gusta hungry. *Holds mustache on figer*
    George: Me gusta getting meat. *Quickly draws a mustache* Anyways.
    Eddie: *Eats chicken* Vegans gonna hate.
    George: Wait someone's calling me.
    Eddie: Who? <(^_^)>
    George: Max.
    On the Phone:
    George: Hulllo?
    Max: Dude. Do you have cheeken? :3
    George: -_- My cheeken. You turd.
    *Parents pass through room*
    George: Turdle. *Giggles* :3
    George: *At Lunch* EWWW SALAD DX<<
    Eddie: Can I leave? PLEEAAASSEEE! SALAD IS POOP!
    Turtle walks on the table
    Turtle: Me gusta want some meat. *Tips top hat* *Leaves*
    Eddie: Cool turdle...
    George throws the salad at the neighborhood kids
    Eddie: HURRRAAYYYY!!
    George: NO MORE SALAD! Very Happy
    *Song We Are the Champions Plays*
    Eddie: <<3 meat.

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